HWA SUNG Industrial Co., Ltd.


Company CEO Greeting

CEO Greeting


"For the world best quality" HWA SUNG Industrial Co., Ltd. will keep pursuing in becoming the best brand in the world, with top quality products and advanced technology.

Progressive thinking! Inquiring mind! Realization of basics

It is a plezsure to see you stopping by the e-book of HWA SUNG Industrial Co., Ltd.

Based on the realization of customer satisfaction with the best quality and constant quality improvement, the company has been devothing to flawless distribution in the pursuit of customer satisfaction with quality beyond expectation.
We perform in hamony with the experiences of many years and our quick adapta-tion to the information age.

HWA SUNG Industrial Co., Ltd. is an expert in producing medical instruments, wheels, vehicular contrivance, and developing and designing mold.

With the sincere attitude, the company basically aims at fulfiling faithful business transaction related to mold, facilities, manufactured, catpults, 450t, 320t, 220t, 150t and 75t

We also handle equipment in research and development and product quality testing.

We assure you of the highest quality and production distribution at the right price.

Thank you.

HWA SUNG Industrial Co., Ltd. CEO